Return to The Booth part 1

“Going in like I’m clever, baby rocking pleather, Gangsta on the rise aint gon lie like [50 Tyson] ” – @GangstaNerd

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So as stated in the last post; BLUE changed a lot of how I do things within the studio to make me more productive. So this is where this GNS Blog Site assists. So I was at my day job playing my song “I Do Too Much or Too Much” and Steven says he would like to make it better after hearing it via phone. I texted BLUE and she was ecstatic because she really wanted to assist and hear it. So there it was me booking my session on the following Saturday and was so happy to do so. The Studio is somewhat of a secret and has a lot of traffic but they make it known to keep the Bull Shit off the property. Got to the Studio and saw some Artist I knew and we spoke and nodding as they left. The ambiance of the Studio was Awesome and it felt like I was home, after all those years of hiding my music I was finally going to continue doing one of my true hobbies that I was good at…… To be continued……


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