‘I am a Negro. I make absolutely no apology for being a Negro.’ -Marcus Garvey

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I remember a couple of weeks ago I was going through the #explore page on Instagram and I saw the trailer for Killer Mike’s Trigger Warning Show for NetFlix. As a Black man I was shocked but knew he was coming for a good place, the message I got was one of an understanding, as I too long to see my people, learning to grow their businesses and hold on to their money. I question my self to how I can help with this movement so that we may one day be able to create Black Wall Street. One of the statistics that stuck with me was that “The Black Dollar” only stays within the community for 6 hours, that’s very disheartening and we have to do better!

I hope to one day be able to have a Black Ecosystem in Atlanta where it has the quality of Atlantic Station or Alpharetta’s Avalon Shopping District. How Awesome would it be to have A City district with all Black-Owned Businesses? I’ll Leave that Dream for another Post. Is it possible, hell yeah of course, but funding is the key,  I want to make it clear, it will take me longer to get these post out as I refuse to pay NetFlix. However, I have enough material to create a couple of posts.

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